The Extreme Pro Invitational Showcase presented by Independent Pro Basketball

We are proud to announce our support and sponsorship of The Extreme Pro Invitational Showcase presented by Independent Pro Basketball. The Showcase will take place April 22-24 in Garden Grove, CA. Feel free to come support these athletes looking to break into the professional leagues!


At Pivot Sports, we have the advantage and ability to get you vital information about your team, real-time. We also can look at trends across our users to help you win more games and championships. Today we’re going to dig into HOME COURT ADVANTAGE, and see what the numbers say: -Our numbers show that HOME COURT ADVANTAGE, […]

The Magic Eight: One of These Teams Will Win the NCAA Tournament in 2019

Great article by SI previewing March Madness: Anyone can wait until the bracket comes out to take a stab at picking a national champion, and especially to pick eight possible options. But we here at, dating back to the time of soccer superscribe Grant Wahl’s days on the beat in the early 2000s, have […]

Don’t be Fooled by Turnover Stats in Your Box Scores

Turnover Rate Turnover Rate shows how well a team or player takes care of the ball.  This statistic is different than simply tracking turnovers because it normalizes playing time for individuals and rotations; this allows for accurate comparison regardless of how many minutes or possessions someone played. This metric measures the number of turnovers per […]

Points Per Shot Zone – Where You Shoot Matters!

I can’t help but re-post this AWESOME article by Stephen Shea who runs the Basketball Analytics blog at: In his January 17th blog post, we highlights the importance of shot selection based on where you decide to shoot the ball. He breaks down the data by showing the average points scored per ‘shot zone’. […]

Sports Analytics – How Travis Steele employs stats, analytics for Xavier’s basketball team

The ongoing advent of technology has made life progressively easier.  For a college basketball coach, the endless and ever-expanding trove of newfound data, statistics and in-depth analytics have created a unique perspective of the game that Xavier head coach Travis Steele spends quite a bit of time pondering…… Read the entire article by clicking the link […]